Out With the Old, In With the Blue


Caiden Lujin, Staff Writer

YouTube Red, Disney +, and now — Twitter Blue? In the last decade, premium subscription services have stamped their way into the social media industry more than ever, with Twitter now claiming its own seat at the table. 

First launching in June of this year in Canada and Australia, Twitter Blue made its United States debut on Tuesday, allowing users never-before-seen features on the app. 

Blue users can now use “reader mode”, a new mode used to scroll through threads with ease, “for easy tapping and more reading”, Twitter said in a tweet detailing Twitter Blue’s features. Users can also make bookmark folders of tweets and customize the theme of their Twitter app and icon. 

Twitter Blue seems to have an emphasis on making informational reading easier for its users by offering ad-free articles, as denoted by a blue script below them. But don’t get it confused — ads will still appear on your feed, just not on certain articles picked by Twitter.

The ability to “undo” tweets may be the most useful new feature, however, allowing for tweets to be called back rather than deleted after they are posted. Bad news for typos.

Twitter Blue costs $2.99 a month and is most useful for users of Twitter who use it most commonly to find and read news, making the experience less ad-ridden and more content-centric. 

For casual users of Twitter, Blue may not be the investment for you, as the changes may be minimal to your experience on the app. Users of Twitter have sounded off on the service, making “Twitter Blue” a top trending key phrase for two days this week.

The overall reception of the subscription service has been poor, one user saying Twitter is adding “basic app enhancements that should’ve been introduced for free years ago”.

In the age of free services adding a paid element to their apps, this negative sentiment has been consistent, and Twitter Blue seems to be enduring a similar fate.