The Biden Administration Delivers with Free At-Home Covid Tests


Angelina Balusek, Staff Writer

Through the USPS, the Biden administration is offering four free Covid test kits to everyone who fills out an online form. Since Tuesday, the order form has been available to every address. Each address can only order four kits and after placing the order, kits should come between 7-12 days. The kits are free and require no credit card information to place an order. To place an order, go to the website: Then fill out the USPS form to place your order. 

At-home testing kits are extremely important to have on hand, especially in today’s conditions. Testing locations are limited with the amount of people allowed in per day and it can be difficult to reserve a spot. At-home test kits allow you to test from your own house and can give quick results. They require you to swab your nose or throat and then will give you a positive or negative result for Covid.