From Crunchy to Soggy – Your Cereal Winner


Caiden Lujin, Staff Writer

As if February hasn’t had teenagers on edge enough, this month’s school-wide tournament might have done the trick. A heated debate of cereals is finally over, and Springs’ final rankings are set.


16th place: Kix

Just 37 votes for the least popular cereal of the bunch, getting obliterated by its similarly named opponent, Trix, which got 487. Kix was just one vote shy of having the biggest loss with a 450 differential.


15th place: Raisin Bran

This was the biggest loss of the entire tournament. However, at the very least, Raisin Bran did not finish last – which looked highly likely during the brainstorming stages of this tournament. For Bran fans out there, take this as a moral victory. The final score of this one was Raisin Bran 46, Cinnamon Toast Crunch 497.


14th place: Golden Grahams

Golden Grahams lost handily to Lucky Charms by 400 votes and they were the last team to finish in double digits in vote count, but the true bottom feeders of the tournament end here. Mind the gap between 14th and 13th place. 


13th place: Rice Krispies

We finally enter a more competitive stage of the tournament, Rice Krispies losing 139-374. Perhaps the downfall for Rice Krispies was a reliance on its teammates – strawberries usually carrying the duo.


12th place: Frosted Mini Wheats

It was frosted vs. frosted in round one as Flakes got the best of Mini Wheats 148-369. These two heavyweight cereals often sink to the bottom of the bowl, but Mini Wheats could not tread milk long enough to stay in the tournament.


11th place: Honey Nut Cheerios

Honey Nut Cheerios lost to their circular counterpart Froot Loops in round one 159-390, who crashed the party this tournament with an unexpected run.


10th place: Cocoa Pebbles

The battle of the Pebbles was one for the ages, but reality set in for Cocoa Pebbles when Fruity Pebbles started to pull away just a few hours into the poll. The final tally was 211-314 as Cocoa Pebbles were able to squeeze into the top ten.


9th place: Apple Jacks

The final first round exit was Apple Jacks, just seven votes separating it and Reese’s Puffs. This vote went back and forth and there were too many changes of the lead to count, but Apple Jacks were unable to get the job done, losing 257-264.


8th place: Reese’s Puffs

Having such a close first round usually doesn’t bode well for the second round, As Reese’s Puffs lost to Froot Loops 101-332. The iconic commercial alone just isn’t enough anymore to send this cereal through.


7th place: Fruity Pebbles

The road ends here for Fruity Pebbles after settling the beef between it and Cocoa Pebbles, losing to Lucky Charms. It finished with 497 votes in total.


6th place: Frosted Flakes

The closest vote of the second round was Frosted Flakes vs. Cap’n Crunch, finishing 204-228. Frosted Flakes finished just under 100 votes ahead of 7th place Fruity Pebbles, so this 6th place bid is a convincing one.


5th place: Trix

Beginning our top five and ending our second round participants is Trix, which blew Kix out of the water in round one but had the pendulum swing right back against Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Either Kix was such a bad opponent that Trix got 487 votes, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch was too good for Trix to get any votes.


4th place: Cap’n Crunch

The first third round cereal was Cap’n Crunch, which beat Rice Krispies and Frosted Flakes, but lost to Lucky Charms in the semifinals. 743 was the final score for it throughout the three rounds the Captain appeared in.


3rd place: Froot Loops

Froot Loops probably had the most difficult run of any cereal to make it this far, beating Honey Nut Cheerios and Reese’s Puffs before giving Cinnamon Toast Crunch its closest vote of the tournament, where they lost 247-143.


2nd place: Lucky Charms, 1st place: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

From the start, Lucky Charms vs. Cinnamon Toast Crunch was the likely final matchup. Both cereals amassed quadruple digit votes across the tournament, Lucky Charms getting 1,113 and cereal champion Cinnamon Toast Crunch getting 1,321. None of the votes were even remotely close for the cinnamon squares.


Thank you to everyone for voting and stay tuned for March’s voting tournament!