Ad It Up; Super Bowl Commercials Keep It Positive


Angelina Balusek, Staff Writer

The ads that the Super Bowl brings us every year are always memorable. From Amazon to Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, this year’s ads were filled with familiar faces and services. According to NBC, 30 second ads were being sold for over $7 million this Super Bowl season. There were 85 ads during the game, but here are a few that were the most memorable.

Amazon Alexa


Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost starred in Amazon’s 2022’s “Big Game Commercial: Mind Reader”. They showcased one of Amazon’s biggest products, the Alexa, through a comedical skit. 

Hellmann’s Mayo 


Jerod Mayo and Pete Davidson were tackling each other in the Hellmann’s Mayo commercial this year. Of course, the commercial was hilarious and featured Jerod Mayo chasing football players through his house until he tackles Pete Davidson in the end.



One of the most loved Superbowl commercials from this year was Squarespace and its celebrity cameo, Zendaya. Star of the extremely popular show Euphoria, Zendaya played Sally in the commercial who sets up a seashell shop through the Squarespace platform.

Rocket Mortgage 


Barbie was able to buy her Dream House using Rocket Mortgage while Anna Kendrick narrated her house-buying process. You can’t forget Barbie’s competitors, “Better Offer Betty”, “Cash Offer Carl”, and “House Flipper Skipper”.




Probably one of the strangest ads ever, Coinbase’s 60 second ad was a glowing QR code floating around the screen with some fun music. If you scanned the code on game day, you would receive promotional credit.