That Was a Close Race – Ka-Chow!


Caiden Lujin, Staff Writer

After a grueling wait through March for the next tournament, we arrived in April and the Pixar movie tournament. You sifted through lots of contenders, but one movie has been officially crowned champion. Here are the results.


16th place: Soul

2020 release Soul is the last place finisher in a very poor bottom-half of the standings. This month’s first round had the most blowout victories of any so far, and the numbers reflect it. Just 37 votes for Soul against Finding Nemo.


15th place: Turning Red

Not even recency bias could save Turning Red against Up, getting just 45 votes in the first round. Perhaps it needs a few years to breathe and achieve some status in the eyes of Gen Z.


14th place: The Good Dinosaur

Given the matchup against Toy Story, The Good Dinosaur put up a decent effort. 55 votes is good enough for a 14th place finish in a severely top-heavy bracket like this one.


13th place: Luca

Like Soul, being released mid-pandemic was not a good recipe for any chance at winning in the tournament. Luca lost to The Incredibles 104-444.


12th place: A Bug’s Life

Fittingly, the oldest movie of the bunch goes out in the bottom five. The graphics certainly didn’t do A Bug’s Life justice, losing to WALL-E 113-416.


11th place: Brave

Brave got just five more votes than 12th place, so take this 11 seed with a grain of salt. Cars proved to be a tough out throughout the tournament, and this matchup was no exception.


10th place: Inside Out

124 votes for Inside Out is good enough for a top ten spot in this field of movies, losing to the Cinderella story Ratatouille in round one. Clearly, the discrepancy between seeds 10-13 isn’t anything huge, and after the first round exits, things get a bit more competitive.


9th place: Coco

The final first round exit is Coco, the 2017 release being the newest movie to finish this high. But the vote differential between 9 and 8 is more than just un poco loco. For reference, Coco got 143 in its loss to Monsters, Inc.


8th place: WALL-E

It’s important to mind the gap in this tournament. WALL-E got 553 total votes between rounds one and two, a 410 point jump – so this 8th place finish is certainly so slouch.


7th place: Monsters, Inc.

One of the more disappointing runs in the tournament is Monsters, Inc. But the second round loss is just indicative of how dominant Toy Story was throughout the tournament. It got 596 total votes.


6th place: The Incredibles

The Incredibles missed out on 5th place by one vote and only lost to Ratatouille by 10 in the second round. It was the closest vote of the entire tournament, 230-240.


5th place: Up

One of the biggest tear-jerkers gets a top five spot, besting The Incredibles with 675 total votes. Up is the highest-placed second round exit of the bunch, losing air against Finding Nemo.


4th place: Ratatouille 

Every tournament has a Cinderella run, and Ratatouille was the prospect in this one. But all good things must come to an end. Toy Story once again crashed the party, winning 241-163.


3rd place: Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo found no success in the semifinal round, falling just short of 1,000 total votes. This set up a final showdown – or lack thereof – in the final.


2nd place: Cars

Cars was one of the five play-in movies who had to beat their sequels, but the road ended against the unbeatable Toy Story. 1,133 votes is the final tally.


1st place: Toy Story

Toy Story ran through the tournament with ease, amassing 1,201 total votes across the week. Rolling through The Good Dinosaur, Monsters, Inc., and Ratatouille, this was one of the more dominant runs out of any of the tournaments we have done thus far. 


That’s a wrap on the April tournament. See you in May!