Animal Crossing is the Obvious Choice


Angelina Balusek, Staff Writer

There’s no question that the Animal Crossing franchise and Stardew Valley both hold special spots in its players’ hearts, yet one game is clearly superior, and that is: Animal Crossing. 

Why is Animal Crossing better than Stardew Valley? Well, there’s many reasons. However, the simplest ones are its aesthetics and memories. 

Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley are somewhat similar in hindsight, but the two have many things unique to them. For example, each have characters that players can bond to, but how many people know Lewis compared to the famous Tom Nook who puts his residents into debt, and keeps players questioning if Timmy and Tommy are his nephews or long lost children? 

With the newest release, Animal Crossing New Horizons, players can terraform their islands with waterfalls and cliffs, as well as decorate their islands with flowers, adorable items, and custom paths. The goal is to collect items, meet villagers, and transform your island into a paradise. Each villager is a different animal, with a distinct personality and design that players can create a bond with. These aesthetics and abilities are not available for players in Stardew Valley, leaving Animal Crossing a much better game.

In Animal Crossing, iconic characters and items make the game. Whether you’re jamming out to some K.K. Slider songs or sitting in the famous froggy chair, you can’t help but reminisce to Nintendo’s past Animal Crossing games, such as City Folk or New Leaf. Not only is Animal Crossing New Horizons better than Stardew Valley, but the nostalgic past of the Animal Crossing franchise as a whole.

It is undeniable that Animal Crossing is much more aesthetically pleasing and fun to play compared to the 2D farming game, Stardew Valley.

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