School Year Recap


Angelina Balusek, Staff Writer

The 2021-2022 school year was filled with memorable trends. It was also the first full year of “normal” school since the start of the pandemic. Here’s a recap of some of the biggest events from this school year.


Devious Licks

Starting the school year off on an… interesting trend. Students all over the world joined forces on TikTok to vandalize school bathrooms and classroom equipment, causing most students to walk across the campus to find an unlocked bathroom with its toilets intact.



Travis Scott’s deadly concert happened in Houston during November, with some of our own students in attendance.


Squid Game

The massive TV show on Netflix came out in September and kept its popularity throughout October. Season 2 may be coming soon according to the directors…


Hurricane Nicholas

The Category 1 storm made landfall on September 12th, causing 1 billion in damage and canceling school for the Houston area.



The movie came out on Thanksgiving, and still has us singing its iconic soundtrack.


Euphoria Season 2

Either you watched the show or got it spoiled by your classmates. Euphoria Season 2 started releasing episodes in January, and finished during late February.