YouTube Under Fire: Racism and Favoritism


Caiden Lujin, Editor

YouTuber CoryxKenshin delivered serious allegations to the platform’s doorstep, his video “YouTube: Racism and Favoritism” ironically topping the trending page for over 24 hours. In the 14 minute tell-all, Kenshin details his endeavors with being the target of unrightful age restrictions on his videos over the years, treatment of which his peers did not receive. YouTube has since kept silence over the matter, a revolt consisting of its biggest creators backing the claims.

Kenshin narrows down his suspicion of YouTube’s antics to three possibilities within the first minute of the video: YouTube is racist, playing favorites, or a mix of the two. A gaming channel first, Kenshin’s video became evident that the video would be of a completely different nature than his normal content.

Kenshin presents his first example, an August 18 gameplay of “The Mortuary Assistant” immediately receiving an age restriction upon upload. Cory scoured the website for other creators playing the same game and none of YouTube’s most profitable creators such as Markiplier and Jacksepticeye had age restrictions on their videos. Kenshin promptly went to his YouTube rep for answers, and his rep informed him of a moment at the end of the video which involved themes of self-harm and violence.

First, Kenshin understood, but then he did more digging and discovered that same part of the game was featured in those same YouTubers’ videos, with no age restriction. Between he and his rep, they were able to get the restriction taken off, but Kenshin realized that the decision was of faulty nature, so he decided to follow up asking why.

Rather than getting an explanation, it was discovered that fellow creator Markiplier received an age restriction on his video rather than both of them being rid of a restriction, which Kenshin took as an example of the hugely flawed algorithm that favored creators over each other.

The video is still up, but was flagged for ad suitability purposes. It seems he has put YouTube in a chokehold, as no matter which avenue they take from here will taint their image. A creator uproar has begun with similar issues coming to light by the day, and the resolve becomes cloudier by the hour as YouTube stays quiet.