Angelina Jolie Files a Lawsuit Against Ex-Husband


Marcus Bracken, Staff Writer

Brad Pitt is under fire after an anonymous report that was filed by famous actor and ex-wife, Angelina Jolie for events that happened back in 2016 on a private jet, leading to their divorce soon after. Although the report submitted by Jolie is heavily redacted, she refers to this person as “husband” and Brad was married to her at the time. 

According to Angelina’s report, Pitt allegedly led her to the back of a plane and started shaking her by her head and shoulders, yelling at her for ruining their family with foul language. He then started punching the ceiling at least 4 times.  

When Angelina left to open the door, 2 of her children, whose names were redacted from the report, were crying and asked, “Are you okay mommy?” to which Pitt responded, “No mommy’s not okay, she’s ruining this family”. 

One of the kids fired back defending Angelina, which had enraged Pitt which led him to start running at the kid. Jolie stopped him by putting him in a choke hold. He tried to break free by pushing himself back, and that pushed Angelina into chairs causing injuries to her back and elbow. 

Along with Angelina’s report came photos of bruises on her arm, back, and scratches on her hand. Her report was received by both her and Pitt’s team. A statement from a source close to Pitt said, “All parties have had this information for six years and was used in legal proceedings. There is nothing new here and it serves no purpose other than being a media stunt meant to inflict pain.”  

Back in 2016, both teams came to a decision, “criminal charges would not be pursued due to several factors” a report read. Pitt’s team and managers began to deny all charges after Jolie’s report came to light.