Problematic Celeberties


Angelina Balusek, Editor

Are you one of the many fans who are unaware of their artists’ mistakes, or are you one who chooses to ignore them? Almost every celebrity has made a few slip-ups during their careers, yet fans continue to support them. Perhaps it’s because the artists came out and took accountability for their faults like Ellen Degeneres, or maybe fans simply don’t care about the mistakes, and want to continue to support their artists without thinking about the negatives. Here are some popular artists you may or may not know have had slip-ups in their careers.


Adam Levine 

The lead singer for Maroon 5 has recently been exposed for cheating on his wife multiple times. Adam is married to Victoria Secret Angel, Benhati Prinsloo. He has two daughters and a baby on the way. Instagram model Summer Stroh released a video stating that Adam Levine had been in an affair with her for over a year. Adam responded on social media saying the relationship was “nothing physical”. Since then, multiple other women have come out and stated Adam was in their DMs too, but nothing has been confirmed or denied yet.


Doja Cat

Rapper Doja Cat is beloved by teens around the world. What many of her fans don’t know (or choose to ignore) is that in the past she has used many racist and derogatory slurs. Doja later apologized for her use of language in several tweets, yet she had trouble sticking to one. She kept deleting them until her most recent apology. In 2020 footage of the rapper circulated online with the hashtag #DojaCatIsOverParty because she was seen entertaining racists and white supremacists on an online chat room. 


Ezra Miller

Lead actor in “The Flash” has had several allegations against them including that they formed a cult, behaved inappropriately with minors, and broke into a house in Vermont to steal alcohol. Since these allegations, Miller apologized for their past behavior and has been getting treatment for their “intense” mental health issues.


Cardi B

Cardi B has openly stated that she used to drug men and then rob them before becoming a famous rapper. She uses the argument that it was “for survival” and claims nothing was ever handed to her, she had to work for it.


Ellen Degeneres 

Famous talk show host Ellen Degeneres has been exposed by guests that she is a toxic and rude person. A former staff member on the show said Degeneres was harassing, racist, and a bully to her staff and guests. She later apologized for her mistakes and the show came to an end in early 2022.