TV Main Character Tournament Results

TV Main Character Tournament Results

Caiden Lujin, Editor

Last week, Chargers voted on September’s poll of the month: main characters in TV shows. Today, one protagonist stands alone. Here are the results.

16th place: Hughie Campbell (The Boys)

Coming in at last is Hughie, one half of the main character tandem in the ongoing TV series The Boys. 48 votes was generous considering the matchup, the vote-devouring Michael Scott easily winning round one. 

15th place: Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman (Better Call Saul)

The main lead in the most recently concluded show of the bunch comes in second-to-last, AMC’s smash hit Better Call Saul detailing the richly-layered backstory of Jimmy McGill, attorney at law and soon to be one of the many moving parts to a methamphetamine enterprise run by Walter White. Fittingly, the two were pit against each other in round one, resulting in a landslide 290-69 vote, the “criminal lawyer” being handed a finishing sentence.

14th place: Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

The sole anime representative of the bracket sees a surprising lack of vote-getting in round one against fellow cartoon characters Mordecai and Rigby of Regular Show. 76-296 is the final tally for that round, Goku reaching his final form a tad early in the tournament.

T12th place: Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)

Perhaps Jon Snow as a contestant was catering more to the parent’s side of things, the protagonist of one of the highest rated drama series of all time losing out to the newer, more Gen Z-catered Rue Bennett. Much like the ending to the show itself, Snow’s placement in the rankings is lackluster.

T12th place: Marty Byrde (Ozark)

2022 Emmy-nominated actor Jason Bateman delivered the character Marty in the highly popular money-laundering drama series Ozark. The final tally for him is 115, the same exact number as Jon Snow.

11th place: BoJack Horseman (BoJack Horseman)

The middle of the pack cartoon character finishes with 133, no match for animated counterpart Rick Sanchez of Rick and Morty. This round was one of the largest blowouts of the round of 16.

10th place: Seong Gi-hun (Squid Game)

A year ago exactly, Gi-hun and company was taking the world by storm in Korean hit Squid Game. Contestant 456 himself took him millions in prize money, but votes ran thin against Eleven in round one.

9th place: Ted Lasso (Ted Lasso)

Football coach Ted Lasso amassed a surprising number of votes in the closest vote we’ve ever seen that wasn’t a tie – 196-197 against Jessica Day. Football is a game of inches at times, and it was evident in the bracket as we round out the first section.

8th place: Jessica Day (New Girl)

Scraping by round one, Jess saw a huge dropoff against Obi-Wan Kenobi in round two. The score of this one was 167-203. The feel-good nature of the show was no match for drama in this case.

7th place: Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)

This section of the rankings gets pretty crowded, and we begin with one half of the Rick and Morty duo. One of the top ten TV shows of all time according to IMDB ratings, the mad scientist of Adult Swim took home 7th out of 16 with 419 total votes.

6th place: Mordecai and Rigby (Regular Show)

The odd one out of the bunch, the only duo to be included in the bracket uses its advantage to place sixth in the rankings. Cartoon Network’s very own Mordecai and Rigby helped shape our childhoods and now reap a top ten finish in the main character tournament with just eight more votes than 7th place.

5th place: Rue Bennett (Euphoria)

Gen Z’s golden character is Rue Bennett, lead of the ongoing drama series Euphoria. It was all but a formality for her to place in the top five of this tournament, 489 votes to her name as we end the second round participants.

4th place: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Obi-Wan Kenobi)

The Star Wars demographic was always going to be a tough out in this bracket, the last self-titled show going down in fourth place. 593 is the final count for Obi-Wan and the lowest performing of the semifinal participants.

3rd place: Eleven (Stranger Things)

Stranger Things certainly has no shortage of characters in number, and coming off a summer of dominating the trends, it was no surprise to see the lead of it all, Eleven, making up one of the top three. She got 764 in total, taking down Gi-hun and Rue before losing to Michael Scott.

2nd place: Walter White (Breaking Bad)

For the sake of promotability, a methamphetamine kingpin finishing in first was not the ideal outcome for this tournament. Alas, Heisenberg himself finishes second, the driving character of one of the most successful universes in television history. To this day, Breaking Bad stands alone as the highest rated TV show of all time, and the votes came accordingly, 835 the final number.

1st place: Michael Scott (The Office)

The character of all characters is Michael Scott, Dunder-Mifflin’s head honcho for seven seasons of another one of the highest rated TV shows of all time. The only character to break the thousands, with 1,129, and ending the tournament fittingly.

Thank you to everyone who voted this month! Stay tuned for more monthly tournaments on the @cshs_chargers Instagram stories.