Fall Is Here!


Marcus Bracken, Staff Writer

As we near the end of summer and the leaves begin to fall, many will be entering a time where the color of nature is expressed. According to responses on the @cshs_chargers Instagram account, warm bright colors are not the only things to be celebrated. There are many things that students and many others are looking forward to doing this fall. Good luck to those working coffee shops. 

 This year it seems people are excited for many pumpkin related products, specifically Pumpkin Spice. The Regina George of coffee has made its way back into local coffee shops. Many students in the area have shared their excitement for this coffee flavor. 

This time of the year is the time where people begin to wear their favorite sweaters and hoodies to protect themselves from the crisp cold air of fall. Their favorite songs are blasting in their ears to drown out other noises. During autumn, people enjoy going to their favorite retail stores to see either the amazing sales or the aesthetically pleasing accessories and clothes. Places to go shopping are Baybrook Mall, Michaels, or thrifting. 

BOO! Get ready to stuff yourself with some of the sweetest and sourest candies for the night of Halloween. Everything from dressing up to having scary movie marathons with your friends or by yourself has been part of the spooky tradition for many years. Lastly, on September 30th, the well-known movie: Hocus Pocus, will be returning with a sequel for you to add onto your Autumn nostalgia.