A Life Story (Part 2)


Hope Reiman, Staff Writer

This is the second part of a creative writing story.

6 months before 

My mom is not too happy with me; thank god I waited till my last week home to tell her. 

“You worked so hard; we did not spend all that money on college so you could be a nurse in the military! Do you even know how dangerous it is? You could die out there. We wouldn’t even find out till later.” 

Great, and here comes the lecture. 

“Are you sure this is even something you want to do? You’ve never talked about this before.” 

“I’ve never mentioned it before because I knew you’d react like this, but I’ve been considering it for a while and it’s something I really want to do.” 

“Have you told your father? How is he going to react to this” 

“I don’t know that’s why I thought I’d leave that up to you.” 

She lets out a sigh as she puts her hand to her temples. She does that when she’s stressed, thinking really hard, or both.  

“When do you leave?”  

I pause before answering knowing her reaction will be bad.  

“This Friday…” 

“This Friday, really!” oh my god she’s furious. “You’re going to war and you decided not to mention it until a week before you leave! It’s a good thing you didn’t tell your father he would’ve been seething!”  

“Well, I didn’t want you to try and convince me not to go, and it’s not like I’m going to be fighting on the front lines. I’ll be back at the base putting all that knowledge to good use.” 

“You stay there, I’m going to go call your father and see when he’ll be home, you’re going to be the one to tell him, he deserves to hear it from you.” 

“Fine, but I hope you know it’s too late to change my mind, that plane is leaving this Friday with me on it.” 

She leaves the room, her feet heavy on the wood floor indicating she hasn’t calmed down yet. I don’t think my dad will react like her at all, in fact, I think he’ll love the idea so I’m not worried. I can hear her on the phone in the kitchen, I can tell she’s trying to sound calm and normal, but you can hear the sternness in her voice, dad definitely knows there’s something. The only issue now is he doesn’t get off till 5, and it’s only 3:30. So I’m going to have to sit here for at least one and a half hours with my mom. Well, that’s what I think before she hangs up the phone and storms to her room. This is when I realize she must be really angry, she won’t even talk to me, which has never been a problem.  

A couple of hours pass after I told my dad and it went exactly how I expected, he thought it was a great idea. Of course, my mom tried to give him the talk too, but he still supported me. It was nice to know at least one parent wanted me to pursue my dream, but it still really hurt that my mom was so upset. 

I guess she finally has had enough because she just leaves, and my dad goes after her I’m assuming to calm her down since obviously her mind isn’t being changed. Maybe, I should’ve told her a little earlier, but she would’ve reacted like this anyways, she just would’ve been mad at me longer. Not to mention she would definitely try to talk me out of it, and I didn’t want that. There’s nothing I can do about it now anyway, all that matters is that I’m pursuing what I want to do.  

I am a little worried though, but just that I don’t really know anyone, or get to know people. It’s going to be hard to move away to a whole other country and not know anyone there, I’m really hoping most of them are nice, or at least nice to me.