Applying for College: A Simple Guide

Applying for College: A Simple Guide

Angelina Balusek, Editor

Applying and deciding on a college is stressful, but the end is rewarding. As someone who has already finished the application process and has been accepted to three universities, I can provide some insight on how to go about the process. 

First, there are three terms you should know by heart before applying: Regular Decision, Early Decision, and Early Action. Regular Decision is the standard application process where you apply by the deadline (usually in December or January), and receive acceptance news later on that next year. Early Decisions are binding to a specific college. You must withdraw any applications with other colleges and be prepared to commit to that specific university early on. Early Action decisions on the other hand involve submitting your application early (usually by the end of November) and receiving news earlier than the Regular Decision applicants. Early Action applicants also have better chances of getting scholarships from the campus.

Most colleges offer their applications through sites such as CommonApp or ApplyTexas. These sites allow students to fill out one application to be submitted to multiple colleges. Once completing the CommonApp, each college will send you an email with your personal login to view the additional documents you will need to submit. Make sure to check that all of your applications say “complete” or “in review” by the application deadline.

The last step of the process is waiting for news. This can be a stressful time, but the most important thing is to constantly be checking your email. Once you’re admitted to a campus, you will have another deadline to enroll. This deadline won’t be until after you have received news from other colleges, so don’t feel pressured to enroll until you’ve come to a sure decision. 

If you ever need any assistance during the application process, your admissions counselors for each campus are always accepting emails and are willing to help. We also have Mrs. Nylen on campus who is available to help with anything college related.