2022 Elections: All About The Candidates


Marcus Bracken, Staff Writer

With election day happening on November 8th, those who have registered to vote in the future need to know who and what they are voting for. In this election, citizens in the area will be voting for their mayor and positions candidates will be in. 


Nick Long

Nick Long graduated from Clear Creek Highschool and got his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Texas, Austin McComb’s School of Business. He was first elected mayor back in 2014 but is planning on making a comeback with this year’s election. Long has been very involved in the community like improving many aspects of CCISD, League City finances, and the University of Texas Chancellor’s Committee. According to nicklongformayor.com, Nick Long wants to ensure that League City is the best place to live by managing and budgeting finances while also planning on cutting property tax rates every year. He also wants to ensure safer neighborhoods by adding more police officers, heavily funding fire departments, and adding more EMS crews. Finally, Nick Long wants to invest in infrastructure by ensuring that projects are to be accountable to timelines and budgets. According to communityimpact.com, there is no one running against Nick Long and current Mayor Pat Hallisey is not up for re-election. 

Also from communityimpact.com, in the city council, there is only one person running for position 1, Andy Mann. Also, in position 6, no one will be running against Chad Tressler. There hasn’t been anything found on each of the candidates. 

Position 2: 

Tommy Cones

Cones had been a professional firefighter for 42 years until he retired in the Spring of 2022. He was a former member of the “Terrorism Strike Team”, and spent 7 years as an Assistant Fire Chief, and 9 years in the League City Council.  

While he had been serving on the council, he gained experience in budgeting preparation, infrastructure development, project management, and economic development. His top priority is to help improve infrastructure and drainage. Including, traffic, mobility, growth, and drainage issues. He also wants to find new ways to prevent ways of flooding by mitigating and reduction of rising flood waters. Like Nick Long, he wants to lower taxes with the mayor. 

Billy Fregia

According to billy2council.com, Billy’s top priority is to see that the city is economically stable in the future. He says that League City is very successful and wants to ensure it stays that way. Similar to Nick Long and Tommy Cones, his goal is to improve the infrastructure. Lastly, he wants to maintain League City’s safe neighborhoods.  

Position 3: 

Tom Crews

According to communityimpact.com, Crews says that if he were to be elected, his top priority would be to gather information from the citizens of League City because only a partial amount of information is spoken. He claims that he will listen to what the citizens want and need and that he will understand their concerns.  

Chris Dodson

From communityimpact.com Dodson wants to try and understand why it’s difficult to build in League City, he wants to try and attract commercial businesses to the area. Chris wants to also provide more housing, and fire/police stations while also improving on infrastructure. 

Brian Hanby

Also, from communityimpact.com, Hanby wants to focus on existing bond programs that are going to be completed on time and within budget. He wants to promote economic stability and predictability by prioritizing city staff retention and continuing the reinvestment program to guarantee infrastructure. He wants to also approach a regional approach to prevent flooding and keep other cities clean. 

Position 7: 

Ange Mertens

There wasn’t much to be found on Ange Mertens but on a Facebook post, she began to show her support during the anniversary week of Hurricane Harvey. She noticed that everyone was caring for and helping each in a great time of need, and she wants to keep that spirit alive throughout League City. Mertens’s goal is to focus on infrastructure, traffic, flooding, and taxes. 

Larissa Ramirez

Nothing found. 

Sean Saunders 

According to sandersforleaguecity.com, he and his family have lived in this community for a long time and have enjoyed it. There are many issues that have been bought up to the council, most of them being solved, but he’s realized that he cannot continue bringing problems to the council if he doesn’t want to be part of the process that resolved these issues.