The Importance Of The Hunger Games


Anna Lucia Arguello, Staff Writer

The Hunger Games is a charity event that happens at Springs annually and its arrival was announced by a large poster that sits in the main hallway. The poster documents the collection of dry foods from different organizations. Every year, the administration wishes everyone luck via announcements, and then everyone forgets about it. Students move on with their lives and the Hunger Games are over before we know it.  

The Hunger Games are organized and executed by members of the Student United Way, which is an organization centered on student leadership. Mrs. Yocum oversees many student activities, including the student officers who organize the Hunger Games. “It restocks local food banks,” she explained. “And provides food to members of the community who may not have access to it due to loss of income.”  

The food goes to the Galveston Food Bank, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing food to our community. It accomplishes this goal through multiple food pantries, including mobile units, and dispensing food boxes to those who are sick, elderly, or otherwise homebound. In addition, the Hunger Games provides leadership opportunities to those in Student United Way, fostering confidence and competence in a real-world setting. 

While the Hunger Games series represents longstanding oppression in a dystopian landscape, our high school counterpart represents the opposite. Food banks provide an essential service to many people, and many rely on them to survive. Our Hunger Games represent hope, a way for people to survive and work on getting back on their feet. The next time you see a stray poster asking for dry foods or canned donations, consider donating what you can. You’ll not only help support an organization here at school but an initiative close to home, caring for the most vulnerable parts of our population. The Hunger Games may not be a huge deal to us, but the food they share could mean the world to someone else.