Is it too early for Christmas decorations?


Angelina Balusek, Editor

Promptly on November 1st, houses started to put up their lights and Christmas trees. Hallmark and other channels have started their holiday movies, and radio stations have started playing Christmas music. Thanksgiving is still around the corner, which leaves the question: 

Is it too early to start celebrating Christmas?

When conducting a poll on the school’s Instagram, 70% of students said that it is not too early to start celebrating Christmas right after Halloween. 

“I have seven trees in total, and I have four of them up already,” Mackenzie Jones (9) said. “I put them up early because Christmas is my favorite time of year, and Hallmark already has Christmas movies playing so it makes it feel more like Christmas”. 

However, not everyone agrees that celebrating this early is okay. The other 30% of responses were very passionate about waiting until after Thanksgiving to celebrate. “I think putting decorations up right after Halloween is stupid because you haven’t gotten past Thanksgiving yet,” Benson Luong (10) said. “Put up Thanksgiving decorations; put up a turkey or something.”.

Whether you decide to celebrate Christmas early or not, it’s clear Christmastime brings families lots of joy. The people who do choose to celebrate early enjoy it, and those who wait until Thanksgiving is over also enjoy their fall celebrations before winter.