Your Guide To Christmas Gifts This Season


Renee Darling, Staff Writer

Sometimes the Christmas season rolls around faster than anticipated, and you need quick easy gifts for those close to you. Maybe you just have no clue what to get them because they already have everything, or you don’t know them at all and just want some inspiration. Whatever your situation, here are some ideas to solve your Christmas gift conundrum.

Gifts for Parents or Grandparents

Make your family members feel special by honoring them with gifts like personalized or handmade picture frames, a nice bouquet, a good quality thermos or water bottle, cookbooks and cooking utensils (grill supplies, pots and pans, cutting board, etc.), family keychain, air fryer, personalized pillow covers, coffee mugs, smartwatch/fitness tracker, their favorite perfume or cologne, personalized jewelry sets like lockets, matching and fun articles of clothing like silly socks, ugly sweaters, funny t-shirts and more.

Or take the relaxation route and give them a massage pillow/neck massager, gift baskets full of their favorite snacks or products, a relaxation kit including bath salts, bath bombs, body scrubs and skin care products, their favorite baked good or dessert, or plush robes.

Gifts for Siblings

Entertaining gifts to get your younger siblings ages 5-12 include Legos, magnet puzzles, art supplies, walkie-talkies, a fort-building kit, kinetic sand, a zoo pass, a trip to the trampoline park, bowling, and skating.

But for older siblings, possible gifts could be a virtual reality headset or video game, a coffee subscription, a watch, a candle with a nostalgic smell, an interactive life story journal or positivity journal, a snack subscription box, a soft blanket, a sheet and comforter set, matching jewelry, or jewelry rack, custom pillowcase, a juicer, a duffle bag or nice purse/backpack.

Gifts for Friends

Your friends deserve a sentimental gift, and you can always go the crafty way and make them a photo book of good memories, a bulletin board with polaroid pictures and cute mementos, personalized polaroid coasters, and even matching jewelry like rings, bracelets/anklets, or personalized necklaces.

But when you’ve already given them everything you can think of, sometimes a miscellaneous but interesting gift still does the trick. That could be an essential oil diffuser, a milk frother, an indoor herb garden starter kit, a planner, a throw blanket, tarot cards, fun or customized tote bags, a mini waffle maker, a mini popcorn maker, watercolors and drawing/painting supplies, fun bath bombs, or just a gift card to their favorite store.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a great opportunity to explore and play with gift ideas for a person you may not know or impress someone you know very well. Nonetheless, when stuck, go for something simple like a colorful calendar, a puzzle, a thermos, wireless headphones, fluffy slippers, a fanny pack, soaps, curiosity cards, paint/color by number, a manual foot massager, Burt’s Bees Gift Set, a tripod, a letter board, and a monogram mug.

By just looking around your local mall you could find over half of these items. Stores like Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, and Amazon. For bath and skin care products: Bath and Body Works, and The Body Shop.


For custom jewelry:

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