Holiday Festivities For League City


Marcus Bracken, Staff Writer

As League City gets closer to the holidays, we start to come up with some of the coolest and unique ways to get residents into the jolly spirit.  

If you live under a rock or have never been to an elementary school Christmas party, you probably haven’t seen the famous Christmas movie released in 2004, “The Polar Express”. In Galveston, Texas, a reenactment of the Polar Express will be running until the 23rd of December. Everything from the punches of the ticket to a dancing waiter serving hot chocolate is available for you to experience this holiday season. Tickets only cost from around $30-$100. I went to this experience during my sophomore year and had a blast. 

$100 may seem scary, but there is another solution to still maintain and enjoy the jolly spirit. For example: The Dickinson Christmas lights. No need to worry about paying for the parking or taking the shuttle buses because they are completely free! When walking around the park surrounded by the pretty twinkling lights, you may run into the cookie factory where you get to decorate a cookie of your choice for just $1.00. You may even stop by the Blinky Hut where you get to purchase blinking lights from either $1.00 to $4.00. Also, if you arrive on certain days, you will have the chance of meeting the man in red, Santa Claus. If you use your own camera, you will get a free photo, but you can also pay $5.00 to have it done for you! 

December 3rd this year will mark the 25 year anniversary of the fun parade in main street near League Park where attendees can watch colorful Christmas floats and loud marching bands all walk down the street. 

If you are one of those people who doesn’t enjoy going out, retail therapy is always a choice.