MBTI Personality Types Explained


Hope Reiman, Staff Writer

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is popular test designed to determine your personality based on four key elements: extroverts vs. introverts, sensors vs. initiatives, thinkers vs. feelers, and judgers vs. perceivers. You can take the test online for free here. This is the breakdown each element and it’s interpretation:

How someone manages their energy:

More expressive and outgoing; they get energy from spending time with people and being in active surroundings. 

VS.  Introversion 

More reserved and thoughtful; they get energized by being alone or with small groups. 

How someone processes information:

Tends to be more hands on and practical; very detail oriented; focuses on information they can see, hear, feel, taste and touch.  

VS.  Intuition 

Often more concerned with the future and the big picture of things; described as creative; more abstract in their thinking; interested in theories and patterns. 

How someone makes decisions:

Interested in finding the more reasonable, logical choice; makes decisions with their heads. 

VS.  Feeling 

Interested in how decisions might affect people, and whether it fits with their values; makes decisions with their hearts. 

How someone approaches structure:

Prefers to plan things out and dislikes last minute changes; appreciates structure and order. 


VS.  Perceiving 

Prefers to leave things open so there is always an option of changing their mind; likes flexibility and spontaneity. 


Prefers structure and values tradition but stays motivated by a need to be useful and of service. 


Enjoys living life in the present and stays motivated by a need for freedom and action. 


Values the power of the mind and is motivated by the need to understand the world. 


Holds integrity and authenticity dear and strives for an ideal world. They are motivated by a need to understand themselves and others. 


ISFP“The Adventurer” 

Gentle and compassionate but appears to be reserved and unassuming. Very accepting and nonjudgmental. Sensitive to conflict and disagreement. 

ISFJ- “The Defender” 

Establishes a strong work ethic and is self- disciplined. Quiet, friending, and very thoughtful but reserved. Detail oriented and complete tasks on time. 

INFJ- “The Advocate” 

Values personal integrity and has a strong need for harmony but loves solitude. Is creative and original but tends to sensitive and single minded. 

INTJ- “The Architect” 

Independent with great insight. Good at creating theories and systems. Very driven with great problem-solving skills. Very determined and always follows through. 

ISTP“The Virtuoso” 

Prefers to take action over conversation. Is resourceful independent and logical. Self-determined but curious and a storehouse of information. 

ISTJ- “The Logistician” 

Likes to honor their commitments and is trustworthy. Very calm and consistent in a crisis but reserved and loyal. 

INFP- “The Mediator” 

Often guided by their own values and beliefs. They focus on the potential for a better future and pursue truth and meaning. 

INTP- “The Logician” 

Notices inconsistencies and logical flaws in others thinking. Very independent and non-conforming. A problem solver with a curious mind but is private and aloof. 

ESTP“The Entrepreneur” 

Loves a challenge, adventure and taking risks. Very alert, confident and persuasive. Is well in a crisis while being realistic and direct. Can be compulsive or outrageous. 

ESFJ“The Entertainer” 

Very goal oriented and organized. Outgoing and outspoken. Logical and dependable. 

ENFP- “The Campaigner” 

Full of enthusiasm and compassion. Loves new spontaneous ideas and is a great communicator that inspires action. Very accepting and helpful with a creative insightful spirit. 

ENTP- “The Debater” 

Thrives on challenges and debates. Outspoken and independent with a value for freedom. Loves risks and is alert to all possibilities. Curious and impulsive. 

ESFP“The Consul” 

Tolerant and accepting of themselves and others. Very practical with common sense but loves to be the life of the party. Enjoys new experiences and is friendly with a joy for helping others.  

ESTJ- “The Executive 

Social and sympathetic, loves to be helpful and cooperative. Loyal and trustworthy, values harmony. 

ENFJ- “The Protagonist” 

Promotes harmony with and empathetic and warm leadership traits. Loves to motivate others and is socially active. Tends to idealize people and relationships.

ENTJ- “The Commander” 

Loves to be in charge, is a confident leader that is decisive and analytical. Resourceful in solving complex problems. Very independent and aspires to be the best. 

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