The Story Behind Kanye’s Controversy


Lily Thivierge, Staff Writer

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has dominated the media these past few weeks. For years, West has spread ignorance, encouraged hate, and harassed people. Only now is he facing repercussions. 

Despite his history and his past tweets, Kanye has been protected by his loyal fans, but after a series of anti-semetic remarks, people are starting to drop him. Most people agree that Kanye makes good music. Whether you prefer his older work like Graduation or his new albums like Donda, being talented isn’t protecting him this time. 

West recently lost millions of dollars after Adidas, the company that produces the Yeezy line, announced they would no longer be working with or supporting the artist. Because Yeezy shoes are still owned by the company, they will continue to sell them but under a different name. Adidas was only one of the many brands that have publicly dropped Ye. Notable brands such as Balenciaga, GAP, his old music producers, and MRC (the studio who was producing a documentary on Kanye) have all stopped their project ties with West. After Adidas announced the split, Kanye was seen being escorted out of Sketchers HQ who then made a statement that they will not be working with Ye anytime soon. 

What has Kanye done to deserve going from a billionaire to having a predicted net worth of 400 million? Everything. 

Kanye started off as your average rich narcissist who just praised himself, but in recent years things have noticeably gotten worse. The main reason Kanye is losing billions of dollars is because of a recent tweet he posted saying he was going to go “****** 3 on Jewish people,” which ultimately got him banned from Twitter and then later Instagram. Around the same time, Ye passed out “white lives matter” t-shirts which people immediately called out due to the slogan commonly being used by white supremacist groups. When responding to the backlash, Ye boldly claimed that he can’t be anti-semitic because “black people are actually Jew also,” which is straight misinformation. 

People are just worried about the racism, but also how Ye’s fans will react. After Ye’s ban, people were holding signs in LA which read “Honk if you know Kanye was right about the Jews.” Kanye is also hurting his fans by pushing back against (his much needed) medication and encouraging others not to seek help.

Kanye is not a villain, but he can be dangerous. With some professional help and boundaries, he could have a much more positive impact. Whether he realizes it or not, he represents people with bipolar disorder. The more destructive he is, the more he encourages the stigma around bipolar disorder. Ye has influence over thousands of fans and he could do so much for himself and others.