Spotify Wrapped is here!


Hope Reiman, Staff Writer

With Halloween and Thanksgiving out of the way, it’s finally time for everyone’s favorite part of the year: Spotify Wrapped. Over the past couple years, Spotify Wrapped has become a bigger and bigger deal. It allows listeners to reminisce on their year with a collection of data on what a person has listened to. Though it may seem minute and unimportant, it truly is a fun dive into someone’s growth and even how they compare to other listeners.  

One of the great things about Spotify wrapped is how honest it is. There’s no hiding or pretending you’re someone else, it’s just the straight statistics on what you truly listen to. Even non-Spotify users know when Spotify Wrapped comes out because everyone collectively decides to post their personal statistics. It’s a time when we all get to be selfish and post about ourselves for no actual reason.  

Every year Spotify gives us new stats with a different theme. This year’s theme was a kaleidoscope presenting artistic colors and unique shapes. There was also an exciting new feature that Spotify threw in this year. Based on what and when you listen, Spotify assigns you one of 16 personality types. They pretty much created a musical version of the MBTI test. Personally, l love this added feature. I think it’s a cute way to get to know yourself and others. 

That wasn’t the only change from previous years. Last year Spotify reached out and got 100 different artists to create a short video thanking fans. This year, Spotify had a hefty 40,000 artists record videos for Wrapped. 

There are also year-round websites that can turn your Spotify data into themed recaps that you can share with your friends. For example, is a website that allows you to connect your Spotify account and see a concert lineup based on your listening data. Another similar website called Receiptify makes a “receipt” based on your top artists or songs for a given time period. 

With Spotify Wrapped growing in popularity each year, I think we can expect new features and improvements each year!