Your Wallet Has Feelings Too!


Marcus Bracken, Staff Writer

Due to supply and demand, inflation has caused an increase in prices around the world, so their economies won’t crash. After a quick study in Walmart, workers compared this year’s stocks to last year’s stocks and noticed an increase in prices. It has become a lot harder for many families to afford and spend money on groceries, especially for their Thanksgiving dinners. 

This year’s Thanksgiving consumers noticed the prices on meals, desserts, and ingredients had increased in price, with the only thing that had gone down in many stores was cranberries by 14%. This year many families had to spend an extra 20% on their dinner than they did last year. In places like Washington-Arlington-Alexandria (metro area) whole turkeys were being sold for over $44 dollars. And in The Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway, Arkansas had pumpkin pies sold for almost $23 dollars. These types of prices could also be found in well-known cities like Boston, Honolulu, New York City, Seattle, and Washington D.C.  

Many churches began to host charities to give well-known Thanksgiving meals to families for free. Beth Chambers, vice president of basic needs, had to close her church doors to patrons because she had run out of food to give away. Inflation has caused extreme financial issues to families all over the world and will continue to hurt pockets, especially as we get closer to Christmastime.