New AI App “Cartoonifying” the Masses


Caiden Lujin, Editor

The world’s annual AI advancement has officially hit the scene – in the form of the Lensa AI app. The app store’s highest climber currently sits at the #1 spot on the charts with no shortage of chatter across the social media scene. Lensa allows users to submit 10-20 selfies, and in return, tens of AI-generated “magic avatars” will be created that, depending on the quality of the images, appear strikingly similar to the user. Thousands of superheroes, warriors, and astronauts now exist virtually thanks to Lensa AI.

The app offers three packages of magic avatars: 50 photos, 100 photos, and 200 photos. To achieve the best results, users are encouraged to select high-quality selfies that are captured from different angles and distances.

From there, Lensa’s AI software will congregate hundreds of images from the internet that place you in mystical, sci-fi, and superheroic contexts, among many others.

Lensa is yet another means of AI art creation that has seen a massive influx in popularity at the height of the 2020s. Across the world, thousands of people are able to receive hyper-realistic renditions of themselves performing incredible feats – all at the press of a button. 

On average, the development of photos takes 40 minutes, but with increased traffic, that figure has grown increasingly higher.

It seems AI software grows more powerful by the day, with applications like Lensa making their mark on the internet one profile picture at a time. Many claim, though, that the development of the technology is a danger to artists, as original art is now being created entirely void of human effort. One of which is Ryan Evans, even he saying the app is “addictive” upon first use.

Artificial intelligence is improving, and fast – for better or for worse, and a lot of it is already right at our fingertips. To “cartoonize” yourself, download the app on your phone, or visit here for more information: Lensa Ai – Cartoonize Selfies With AI Ad·