All About The Brazil Insurrection


Anna Lucia Arguello, Staff Writer

Brazil is a country known primarily for festivities and drinking, but American society is less aware of their political functions. Even when those functions include an eerie parallel to life here in the States. For example, supporters of the former president raided the country’s capital after his electoral defeat. Sound familiar? 

Jair Bolsonaro’s career began in the military, whose values he brought to politics. It was his stance on military issues that first catapulted his campaign, along with a conservative viewpoint that emphasized Christian morals and bordered on extremism. The public was hostile at first but became more receptive after an economic crisis and a vicious scandal involving many major politicians, paving the way for his presidency in 2018. Even then, the connection to American politics was not lost on the world, with Bolsonaro being dubbed “Trump of the Tropics”. His presidency was widely criticized for rampant wildfires in the Amazon and irresponsible handling of the COVID crisis, which lost him many supporters. 

Twice Bolsonaro ran in the 2022 presidential election, and twice he lost. He hinted at voting fraud and, well, we know the rest. Bolsonaro’s supporters attacked government buildings and harmed police officers who stood in their way. President Lula, shaken by these demonstrations, has promised to up security in the future. Thirty-nine people were convicted of “abolishing democracy” this Monday. Seeing the same pattern play out in nearly the same way has gotten the international community’s attention. Will this strategy of calling fraud continue in politics? How many times will people turn to violence instead of reason? How are voters meant to separate accurate reporting from propaganda? Only time will tell.