All About Miss Universe


Renee Darling, Staff Writer

As the first Filipino American to win Miss Universe, Miss USA R’Bonney Gabriel has made history. She is going to use her win to inspire Asian Americans and help them gain more representation in society and expressed how proud she is of her heritage and to speak for her community. But Gabriel was born in Friendswood, Texas, and the first beauty contest she participated in was for Miss Friendswood in 2021. She won Miss Texas in 2022, and in the same year, Miss USA. “Representing Texas is my biggest honor,” Gabriel said. “I carry the pride and love of Texas and Filipina Americans on my shoulders.”

The model and fashion designer has been sewing for over a decade with fabric made from recycled materials to help reduce pollution and be more sustainable. She also teaches sewing classes to women who have survived domestic violence and human trafficking. And while she uses her skill to make a difference, she encourages and uplifts women everywhere to go after their dreams, not letting any setbacks stop them. In an Instagram post explaining her costume for the Miss Universe national costume contest she wrote, “As a Houston native, where the Nasa space center is located, I am proud to be from a city working to send the first female to the moon.

“The purpose of this costume was to inspire women in all spaces across the universe to dream big, shoot for the moon and achieve something out of this world.”

Gabriel will represent Miss Universe for the next year until the next is chosen