AI Voice Generators: A New Form of Technology


Marcus Bracken, Staff Writer

The AI voice generator dates back to 1982 and is a text-to-speech AI that can convert text in a robotic voice. Some users have been able to modify this technology to sound like other humans and even some of their favorite musicians.  

Due to Ariana Grande taking a break from music to focus on other goals, her fans have grown impatient and have resorted to putting text into an AI Generator for it to ‘sing’ like the ponytailed popstar. Fans have even made the AI cover SZA’s biggest hit, ‘Kill Bill.’ Again, there has been another instance where an AI had been programmed to sound like Drake and start rapping about a deep love for beans.  

Check out the videos here: 

Ariana Grande AI – 

AI Drake’s Beans Rap –   

A popular trend going around on TikTok currently is where users use an AI picture generator, and with it, users were able to take pictures of their surroundings so the AI can create an abstract photo with it. This trend became more popular when TikTok gave their users the feature to add different voices over their own. Now, users or programmers have made different software for users to sound like people, including yourself. 

Microsoft has created an AI voice generator, called Vall-E, that can mimic your voice with just a 3-second audio clip. This AI has been programmed on over 60,000 hours of English. The popular business is now in the works of creating a detection mod model to reduce the risk of misuse. This type of technology could help progress society or could end up being the end of it.