What’s Your Chinese Zodiac?


Renee Darling, Staff Writer

Beginning on the first new moon of the year, Lunar New Year is celebrated by many people including Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Mongolian cultures, until the first full moon. Each year is represented by one of the Chinese zodiacs, their order was said to be determined in the Great Race held by Chinese god, Jade Emperor. Based on your birth year, you correspond to one of the zodiacs and its perceived traits.


Year of the Rat: 1936; 1948; 1960; 1972; 1984; 1996; 2008; 2020

Born under the sign of charm, these people tend to be social butterflies and enjoy going out and making friends. They prefer to follow their plans and schedules exactly and are diligent workers who never run out of new ideas, but their disciplined demeanors can make them come off as mean and stingy.

They’d be good teachers, doctors, or artists, and get along best with Ox, Dragon, Monkey, and other Rats.


Year of the Ox: 1925; 1937; 1949; 1961; 1973; 1985; 1997; 2009

The Ox is born under the sign of “equilibrium and tenacity.” These people are admired for their ambitious manner, and are always working towards their goals, knowing exactly how and when they want to reach them. They’re usually composed but can get very angry and are generally stubborn.

They’d be good lawyers, politicians, and policemen, and get along best with Rat, Rabbit, Snake and Rooster.


Year of the Tiger: 1914; 1926; 1938; 1950; 1962; 1974; 1986; 1998; 2010

The Tiger is born under the sign of courage, and its strong-minded nature makes them enjoy taking on difficult and risky tasks, preferably independently. These people have strong opinions and stick to them and don’t like asking for help. They also don’t like getting critiqued.

They’d be good managers, economists, and politicians, and get along best with Dragon, Horse, and Pig signs.


Year of the Rabbit: 1927; 1939; 1951; 1963; 1975; 1987; 1999; 2011

People born in the Year of the Rabbit are cordial and courteous people. They’re born under the signs of “virtue and prudence,” and are very intelligent. They usually go through multiple relationships before finding their match.

These people would make good teachers or judges, and get along with Goat, Snake, Pig, Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Dog, and other Rabbits.


Year of the Dragon: 1928; 1940; 1952; 1964; 1976; 1988; 2000; 2012

The Dragon is born under the sign of luck, and these people are sociable and constantly wanting attention. They can be judgmental and say whatever’s on their mind, often acting on impulse. They are talented because of their ability to learn quickly and prefer to work independently.

They’d be good teachers, lawyers, journalists, and engineers and are get along best with Snake, Rat, Monkey, Rooster, Rabbit, Pig, Horse, and Goat signs.


Year of the Snake: 1929; 1941; 1953; 1965; 1977; 1989; 2001; 2013

Because they’re born under the sign of wisdom, people born in a year of the Snake are deep thinkers and often take time to contemplate and spend time with their thoughts. They hate failure and losing and don’t take mistakes lightly.

They would be good actors or actresses, directors, or singers and get along best with Ox, Rooster, and Dragon signs.


Year of the Horse: 1942; 1954; 1966; 1978; 1990; 2002; 2014

The Horse was born under the signs of “elegance and ardor.” These people prefer to be out and about traveling and socializing. Their charisma helps them go through multiple relationships and focus a lot on their physical appearance. They constantly try new things and never have time to give each one their all but hate the idea of failure.

They’d be good architects, performers, and businessmen and get along best with Tiger, Dog, Rooster, and Goat signs.


Year of the Goat: 1943; 1955; 1967; 1979; 1991; 2003; 2015

The Goat is very thoughtful and artistically inclined. They are creative and most have good fashion sense. People under this zodiac need to feel loved and taken care of, and many tend to feel insecure.

They’d be good caretakers or nurses and get along best with Rabbit and Pig signs.


Year of the Monkey: 1944; 1956; 1968; 1980; 1992; 2004; 2016

Born under the sign of fantasy, the Monkey is crafty, clever, and observant, always wanting to give others advice and help them through conflict. These people are usually organized but careless, however they always have a backup plan. They know how to lie and cover it up with their charismatic personality.

They’d make good entertainers, journalists, and businessmen and get along best with Rat and Dragon signs.


Year of the Rooster: 1945; 1957; 1969; 1981; 1993; 2005; 2017

This zodiac is born under the sign of candor and make friends easily with their unique personality. These people are also very organized and are always planning and taking notes, giving them an authoritative nature.

They’d make good scientists, actors or actresses, tour guides, or clothing designers and get along best with Ox and Snakes signs.


Year of the Dog: 1946; 1958; 1970; 1982; 1994; 2006; 2018

The Dog is born under the signs of loyalty and anxiety. So, while these people are strong believers in justice and try to help others as much as they can, they can be pessimistic at times.

They’d make good teachers, psychologists, and lawyers, and get along best with Horse, and Tiger signs.


Year of the Pig: 1947; 1959; 1971; 1983; 1995; 2007; 2019

The Pig is born under the sign of honesty. These people are patient, reliable, and hate conflict and injustice. They are mediators and try to help bring people together and remain very truthful and sincere. They enjoy a lot of company and never have trouble finding it.

They make good veterinarians and teachers and get along best with Rabbit and Goat signs.