Normalize Letting It Go


Hope Reiman, Staff Writer

We are all human. We all breathe the same air and walk on the same earth, but most importantly, we all fart. We all burp, we all pee, and we all poop. Sure, to some it’s “gross” or “rude,” but why? If these are normal body functions that everyone experiences, why is it so frowned upon? We have been brought up to believe that farts are embarrassing and silly, and though they can be pretty funny, we shouldn’t have to live ashamed of a natural bodily function. This humiliation that comes from farting is more damaging than one might think. According to, holding in a fart only causes it to build up. This results in abdominal distension, the feeling of being bloated, and even extreme abdominal pain. If someone is regularly holding in a lot of gas, it can even grow into more serious problems such as Diverticulitis. Diverticulitis occurs when air pockets form in the digestive tract and become infected or inflamed. Though, the stigmatization doesn’t stop with farting. People are constantly pressured to hold in and contain normal human functions, unknowingly hurting themselves. It’s very common in school for students to hold their pee or poop because they’re either too embarrassed to use public restrooms, or they aren’t allowed. Unbeknownst to them, they are hurting their bodies. Holding in pee can cause UTIs’ and other infections, and holding in your poop is no better. Yes, fart and poop jokes are funny, but being embarrassed by them is not. So, let’s stop the stigmatism with farting and other silly body functions. We should all be able to rip one in public and not be laughed at. Let’s start laughing together, and letting it rip.