Super Bowl Commercial 2023 Roundup


Caiden Lujin, Editor

From a Breaking Bad Popcorners bit to a Tubi commercial that fooled the country, the 2023 Super Bowl commercial lineup was a creative display of marketing on the nation’s biggest stage.

The commercial of the game per Super Clio belonged to the aforementioned Tubi, in which they ran up the runtime with two separate ads. The first being a look into the many “rabbit holes” the streaming service provides its users, with a giant bunny tossing people into holes of video discovery. Later in the game, Tubi faked out viewers with a commercial that surely resulted in thousands of  “are you sitting on the remote?” allegations across the country, the ad displaying the Tubi interface – interrupting a sham of a return to the broadcast.

Though Super Bowl parties around America would likely disagree, the Tubi commercial was a smash hit, especially if we’re talking publicity. “Tubi” climbed to the top five in trending news on Twitter, behind only other game-related phrases.

After Rihanna’s sky-riding halftime show, the 10-year old drama series Breaking Bad made a pseudo-return in a 30-second parody complete with the return of villain Tuco Salamanca and the world’s most recognizable Winnebago RV. The ad follows a few of Breaking Bad’s memorable scenes, complete with re-spoken lines from the iconic cooks. 

Rather than methamphetamine, in this universe, Walter and Jesse are slinging Popcorners, dealing their product with Tuco and becoming creators of seven (not to be mistaken with six) signature flavors, yo.

2023 was, in the eyes of many fans, the year of the game, and not the commercials. Though some creative bits were sprinkled here and there, many believe in comparison to the past years’, Super Bowl LVII was severely lacking in the commercial department. It is now up to the advertisers abroad to become the next Tubi, getting their name talked about on the nation’s biggest commercial night of the year.