The Glorious Season of Peeps


Hope Reiman, Staff Writer

If you’ve been inside a store during spring, you know what Peeps are. These sugary marshmallow treats were first introduced in 1953, making them older than the first 9-1-1 call. Back then when they were first invented, it took approximately 27 hours to make one peep by hand, thankfully they take around 6 minutes now a days, producing over 2 billion Peeps every year.  

Not only has the manufacturing time shortened, but now you can find 19 different flavors, along with many different shapes and colors. Still, even after being around for so long and expanding this far, their most popular is still the yellow chick. Everyone has their favorite way to eat peeps, whether it’s straight from the package, or a little stale with a slight crunch. Of course you even find some recipes that incorporate the candies like Peepza (peeps on pizza) or peeps cake. If you’re in a competitive mood you could try and beat the world record for most peeps eaten in 5 minutes which is a shocking 200. 

According to a poll on our Clear Springs Instagram, about 51% of people like peeps, leaving 49% of people not liking the fluffy treats. Even for those who would rather not eat the famous Peeps, there’s still ways to enjoy them. A fun and easy “experiment” you can do at home is put Peeps in the microwave and see how big they can get; the answer is big. For a more creative approach, you can make a movie scene, or even mini stop motion picture where all the characters are peeps! Many newspapers have held “Peep Show” contests, including the Washington Post and St. Paul’s Pioneers Press.  

So, whether you’re eating Peeps by the dozen or recreating the Titanic, Peeps have a place in everyone’s heart year round.