Crybaby Is Back From The Dead


Marcus Bracken, Staff Writer

Ever since the release of her ‘K-12 film’ by the babydoll musician Melanie Martinez, she has teased the release of a new project. Officially, Martinez is making a comeback this year with an album titled, ’Portals’ releasing March 31st 

On February 17th, Melanie posted a clip of a song on Instagram, with a new song playing in the background. After, she released a 12 second snippet to Spotify titled, ‘…’ with the lyrics being, “Back from the dead” insinuating Crybaby has died and come back. So far, Melanie Martinez has set plans to write and direct another film that will continue with the story of her character, ‘Crybaby.’ Martinez has mentioned how she wants her character to grow throughout this film as ‘a soul’ more than a person.  

It seems that every few days, she releases a snippet of a new song she has written to her socials like Instagram and TikTok. While these snippets play in the background a short, slightly disturbing video, there seems to have a common theme of being reborn. A fetus in a nucleus with a puffy face, and egg with a human-like figure inside lay on Crybaby’s grave. 

During her most recent tour, Melanie Martinez announced she will no longer be performing any of her songs from her debut album, ‘Crybaby’ to give light to her new era and songs.