The Problems With “Stan-Culture”


Marcus Bracken, Staff Writer

It’s very easy for someone to become attached to a person, especially if that person is a popular celebrity. Many fans have become too obsessed with celebrities to the point where they think they need to be involved in that famous person’s life. Most of these obsessions can sometimes lead to an unhealthy outcome. 

Although having a huge fanbase can maybe be fun and come with good perks, it may also come with fans who are referred to as ‘stans’ (fans who become overzealous of their idols). These types of fans typically spend their time posting and talking about their current celebrities. Most of the time, when their favorite celebrities or films don’t win an award, or begin to get called out for something either valid or invalid, those fans will take it upon themselves to voice their own opinions, all of them saying the same things with an extreme bias.  

There’s nothing wrong with being a fan of a celebrity, just a lot of fans need to acknowledge that line of being aggressive towards others. Many fans have even taken inspiration from their favorite influencers or artists to pursue their own dreams or careers. Standoms are quite different because rather than bringing out that positive inspiration, they bring the toxic and sour tastes to the table for no reason at all or to act as a ‘troll.’ Many big names have had to put their foot down to stop this type of hate being spread towards others.