EA vs Simmers


Angelina Balusek, Editor

From the original Sims game to the current version of Sims 4, players have seen a decline in quality since new versions have been released. Here are just some of the many faults players have noticed since the release of the 4th generation of the Sims.


The Sims has had a history of open world gameplay, where Sims can drive, walk, and visit other lots without having to wait through a loading screen. The Sims 4 was the first game from Maxis that did not have an open world concept, which annoyed players. Traveling from your house to the gym can take 2 minutes by sitting through a loading screen, whereas in previous games it took seconds, which could be spent by watching your Sim drive their car and walk directly into the lot.


Luckily Sims 4 players will be getting babies in a few weeks with EA’s new update, however when the game was first released in 2014, the babies in the game were literally objects. You couldn’t interact with them nor travel with them. Toddlers also didn’t exist until being later released in 2017, three years after the initial game release. The non-functional babies aged up directly into children, which took away the previous magic from past games by raising your baby sims into adults through gameplay.

Money Craving EA

Unlike previous Sims games, the Sims 4 had very limited content in the beginning. Players got bored of the game very fast, which prompted EA to make additional content that would later be added to the game. The first additional pack to the Sims 4 was released in 2015, adding new jobs and items to the game. What really struck players was the pricing of the pack. The base game Sims 4 cost $60, while each game pack costs $40. EA has continued to release game add-ons, all overpriced, with content that previous games had built-in to the base game. EA continues to add features to the Sims 4, yet almost all the packs are overpriced for what they offer, and also come with many bugs which almost never get fixed by the developers.

Custom Content

As a solution to some of the failures of EA, modders and graphic designers have found many ways to add custom content to the game, such as custom clothes, furniture, or gameplay aspects. PC players can download custom content off the internet, which gives the game more life and personalization, something EA failed to accomplish in the Sims 4.


It’s no secret EA rushed the release of the Sims 4, not taking the time to customize lots properly or fix game bugs. As the game grew in popularity, EA became more money hungry. They wanted more money fast, pushing out as many features that players desperately wanted so they would make more money off of expansions to the original game. We can only hope the Sims 5, which is currently in development, exceeds our current version of the Sims and appeals to players in ways our current game lacks.