Weird Texas Laws


Marcus Bracken, Staff Writer

Texas has always been a state that’s made anyone outside of it question its resident’s sanity or well-being. Although outsiders find Texas itself weird, some of its laws are even weirder. Some of these laws aren’t enforced or taken seriously, but don’t take that chance though. 

Starting off weird, in the state of Texas, eating someone’s garbage without permission is illegal. There isn’t any specific reason as to why this law exists but for some cities it’s obvious why it is present.  

To decrease the number of at-home breweries in Texas, owning the Encyclopedia Britannica has been outlawed because it contains a recipe for making beer. Conducting a business like this can result in jail time or paying fines. In Lefors, Texas, taking 3 swallows of alcohol while standing up is illegal. No one knows why this law was made. 

In some Texas cities, selling Limburger cheese is illegal. 

In cities around Texas, in order to walk barefoot in public, you must pay for a $5 permit to comply with the city’s policy of sanitation and appearance. In Galveston, citizens can be fined $500 for sitting on the sidewalk. 

In Texas, anyone planning to commit a crime against someone must provide their victim with 24-hour written or verbal notice. This law was made to reduce crime in Texas. 

Texas is known for being a common law marriage state, meaning that two people are considered legally married if both parties publicly announce their marriage 3 times. Following up with the laws of love in Texas, in the city of San Antonio, it is illegal to flirt with your eyes and hands. This law can be enforced on both men and women. 

All these laws don’t make sense to most but can still get someone fined or jail time. Be cautious.