The 2023 Hurricane Season Is Approaching


Angelina Balusek, Editor

The 2023 Hurricane Season is quickly approaching, with its start date on June 1st. However, it’s not impossible nor uncommon for storms to develop before the start of summer. Here’s what our 2023 storm season could look like according to meteorologists:

An El Nino will form in the Atlantic, making it harder for storms to develop in the Gulf this season. Even with the vertical wind shear, storms are still possible to form and head towards the coast, and while this season is forecasted to be less active than usual, it’s important we should still stay prepared.

Hurricane preparation should be done before June, and never rushed before a storm. Have a map of your evacuation routes, pet supplies, water jugs, and canned food in case of emergency. Also stock up on batteries, flashlights, and other electronic device equipment you may need in a power outage.