A Tasty Life Leads To A Better Life

A Tasty Life Leads To A Better Life

Marcus Bracken, Staff Writer

Whether someone broke into grandma’s old recipe box for peach cobbler or found a recipe on the internet for a casserole, cooking is an important skill that everyone should learn. There are also good reasons why people should cook. 

Having the ability to cook for yourself opens opportunities to literally create healthier options for you to indulge yourself with. Having the ability and control to make healthy meals can result in building up the immune system and reduce the risks of diabetes, high blood pressure, and even heart disease. 

Depending on the meal that is being made at home, it can reduce the use of processed foods and even cost less than a burger with a large soda at a fast-food restaurant.  

Not only can cooking benefit your physical health and wallet, but this fun skill can also help improve mental health. Having the ability to make meals rich in nutrients sets up a path for less mood swings and an improved ability to focus. Research has also found that cooking can create a sense of happiness, relaxation, and self-reliance. Cooking can even boost the feeling of nostalgia. Using a recipe, a close loved one gave you can help them feel more connected to that person.