Rooting for the Anti-Hero


Marcus Bracken, Staff Writer

The Eras tour had it’s 13th show in Houston, and a few days before that, a generous donation was made to the Houston Food Bank, made by none other than Taylor Swift.

Each city that has hosted the Eras Tour has welcomed her with open arms and even keys to their cities. Jane Castor, Mayor of Tampa Florida, had given her the key to the city and even listed Taylor as an honorary mayor for the day. Or maybe cities like Glendale were temporarily renamed to “Swift City.” While most of the cities she has visited have done special things for her, Taylor has also given back to communities by giving food banks an abundance of meals.

Its not the first time the famous music artist has done this. During the beginning of the pandemic, Taylor had donated to the World Health Organization and Feeding America. She even offered to pay for the health insurance of an entire staff at Grimey’s, a record store struggling to stay open during COVID-19, in Nashville.

Throughout her career she’s donated generous portions of her earnings to organizations that support specific communities like education, gender-based violence, the LGBTQ+ community, and etc.

Swift has even gone out of her way to help her fans pay for college tuitions and even bought a homeless pregnant woman a house back in 2017. Taylor Swift to this day has been one of the top donators on gofundme.