Sexism in the Music Industry

The Great War


Hope Reiman, Staff Writer

This weekend I had the privilege to go see Taylor Swift’s infamous Era’s tour. Like many others attending, I had themed my outfit on one of her albums. I arrived hours early and waited in lines for overpriced merch In the end, I would say that it was probably one of the best days of my life and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.  Simply, just saying this stirs up some pretty mixed reactions. Some people are jealous and want to hear all about it, other’s think I’m crazy and it shouldn’t be a big deal, then of course there’s those who couldn’t care less.  Obviously, everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, and by no means is everyone obligated to love Taylor’s music. Still, there’s some reasons people hate her that I simply will not accept because it’s rooted in sexism. For example, when I got home after the concert, I tried to explain to my mom why I loved Taylor and her music when my mom expressed why she doesn’t like her. She said what everyone says, Taylor is “boy crazy” and only writes about her exe’s. First of all, that’s not even true. Yes, a majority of her songs are about her relationships, but she knows her target audience, and we eat that stuff up! Secondly, there’s so many male artists that mainly write about their relationships. Of course, it’s ok when they do it, but as soon as a woman, Taylor Swift, does it she’s a one trick pony. This isn’t the only example of sexism in the music industry either. Often, the media will pin female artist, especially rappers, against each other They’re forced to compete against each other and fight for the spotlight, while male artists can just be themselves without repercussion. We are constantly comparing these women whether it’s their looks or attitude, woman in the spotlight can never work in peace. Finally, to bring it back to Taylor Swift, many people thought that the dressing up and crying at her shows was over dramatic, but when the men riot after their sports teams lose, they’re just passionate. There are so many other examples that could be used but we’d be here for daysEven the music industry is filled with double standards, and it’s a job as consumers to bring these traditions down.