Brighter Times

Brighter Times

Marcus Bracken, Staff Editor

Summer vacation can be one of the busiest times of the year because of all the plans people want to make, or maybe one of the easiest because some just take that 3-month grace period and only have to worry about themselves.

Activities throughout the summer can physically and mentally boost one’s spirit whether it’s hang gliding in Brazil or enjoying a nice summer breeze from an open window. Around this time is usually the best time to take care of yourself and surround yourself with the things you love and care about. With more sunlight during this time, it helps light up someone’s mood.

Some fun activities to do throughout summer usually consist of hanging out with friends and family. Maybe going on that long road trip won’t sound so bad since it gives you the chance to build relationships in a small space. In a road trip you’re usually able to travel at your own pace; giving the opportunity and time to take in the world around you. If involved in a negative environment, these long trips can help remove that stress and anxiety to discover something new.

An important thing to do over the summer is to also focus on what’s important; something like finding a hobby or picking up a habit that can benefit you physically or even mentally. Because of the extra time some people get, they can pick up a new routine. Some of these routines can include finding a new exercise, a little bit of retail therapy, or making a few new friends.

If all else fails, maybe some extremely early holiday shopping could work, after all some stores start selling Christmas items as early as July.