The Putin Problem


Gaurav Pavuluri, Contributor

Stop what you are doing right now and turn on the news. Within 5 minutes, I guarantee you’ll see a horrifying story about a war between two countries known as Russia and Ukraine, started by one person and one person only. Vladimir Putin. Now, many people may find this belief to be quite controversial, but it is believe that Vladimir Putin should not be the President of Russia due to his appalling behavior and his poor leadership of this world super-power of a country. 


     His appalling behavior has led to many unfortunate events – the most important of which is the Russo-Ukrainian War. According to the Journal of Democracy, Vladimir Putin attempted to justify his sudden attack of aggression on Ukraine, which he tried to cover up as a “special military operation”, with absurd claims of “denazification and demilitarization”. This erratic behavior has caused an unjustified war against Ukraine that has killed thousands. Not only this, but the war is just another example of how unreliable and dangerous Putin’s behavior is, further exemplifying his lack of consideration for the Ukrainian people. 


     Now, some might justify his appalling behavior with his rumored sicknesses. He is suspected to have cancer and as a result, may be taking steroids that could have behavioral side effects. If this is to be the case, then these behavioral side effects may be the cause of his strange actions during his presidency. However, this is all the more reason why he should be removed from the Russian government. These possible side effects further exemplify his unreliability in such a powerful position. He is the one who will decide the fate of Russia. We can’t have such behavioral side effects altering his decisions and actions because it could alter the fate of Russia, and the many countries who depend on it, for the worse.  


     Additionally, his leadership is causing Russia to dive into an abysmal state. His poor leadership is causing low morale within the military, leading to soldiers not wanting to fight for Russia. It’s gotten so bad that some soldiers have committed suicide because they would rather die than fight for Putin’s Russia.  


     Not only this, but Russia’s economy is currently in shambles. Before the war started, Russia’s economy was at its peak. It had paid off all of its debts and built a great economy. It had reached its all-time high GDP and GDP per capita. However, when Vladimir Putin suddenly started a war against Ukraine, all of that economic progress since the division of the Soviet Union went to shame. According to the Council of the European Union, Russia’s GDP decreased by an astounding 2.1% percent in 2022 and is projected to decrease even more by at least 2.5% in 2023 if Russia continues this war. Compared to the previous year, in both January and February of 2023, Russia lost over 5 billion dollars in their monthly revenue on oil and fossil fuel exports severely decrementing their economy. Even worse, over €300 billion of Russian Central Bank reserves have been made inaccessible to Russia by other countries due to the very war that Putin started. This means that 70% of Russia’s assets are under sanction according to the Council of the European Union.  


     The economy isn’t the only thing that Putin is putting in jeopardy. He is completely changing the government for the worse. Before Putin, Russia was a law-abiding, democratic, constitutional, and federative state with a republican government. The power was shared fairly between three branches of government similar to the U.S. However, when Putin rose to power he decided to completely go against the original constitution. He even decided to change the constitution to meet his needs so that he could get what he wanted, not what was best for the country. He made it so that he’ll be able to rule and do as he sees fit with the country until the day he dies. These are the workings of an authoritarian ruler. He is turning Russia’s democratic government into an authoritarian government in which he, unfairly, has the most power. Putin is stripping democracy itself from Russia. Do you really want Putin to destroy Russia from the inside out? This must be stopped. 


    As a human being who wants the best for both Russia and the world, something must be done to encourage the removal of Vladimir Putin from political positions, so that his appalling behavior and poor leadership do not lead to the downfall of Russia and the destruction of other countries. 



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