You’re Not The Main Character


Angelina Balusek, Editor

As the year comes to a close, stress from our exams and summer preparations really weighs down on us. However, this is never an excuse to behave like the main character.

What is “acting like a main character”? It’s having the idea that the universe revolves around you. You’re the star, and everyone else is just your co-star. When we become stressed we tend to crave control more than usual, and that desire affects those around us.

“When someone at school makes me upset, including staff, I listen to music and I take my mind off everything to calm down. When I’m ready I explain myself clearly and express my concerns. Everytime the problem gets fixed,” Julia Bowie (10) said. 

It’s important that we learn how to manage our emotions and not take them out on those who are undeserving, especially our staff here at Springs. Most issues we encounter can be solved with a simple and respectful conversation or email. Posting hateful things online or writing nasty emails to staff only makes the problem worse. 

“If you have an issue with someone at school, take it to the school board. Usually it’s something the teacher can’t control, so it’s more productive to go directly to people who can solve the problem,” Kay-Lynn Shirah (12) said.

Every parent at our school has a child, and there’s nothing wrong with addressing an issue you may experience. However, being rude and aggressive towards someone does not help. We all make mistakes, including you. So the next time you have a question or concern, be professional. Don’t act like the main character, because in reality we’re all the same.