College and Career Center Prepares Students for the Future

Noah Falk, Staff Reporter

For most high school kids, college is the last thing on their minds.

Luckily our school offers a unique program designed to ease students’ fears about life after a high school diploma. The College and Career Center is located across Mane Street from the junior-senior wing.

Many students aren’t taking complete advantage of this benefit yet, however. Mrs. Natalie Nylen runs the College and Career Center on campus, and she always wears a huge smile.

“I am enjoying being on such a big campus with so much school spirit,” Mrs. Nylen said. “I am looking forward to meeting all of the students on campus.”

So why should you go to the College and Career Center?

“I get the opportunity to help seniors apply to college or find careers outside of high school,” Mrs. Nylen said about her role.

“I am available to students who need help or have questions during tutorials,” Mrs. Nylen said.

The College and Career Center is a valuable resource to all students, and is a tool for upperclassmen and new students alike. Springs will also offer two College Fairs, in November and January, where many college representatives will come and speak during lunches. Watch Naviance and the daily announcements for upcoming dates.