Gilded Age Book Covers in APUSH


Mackenzie Gross

Mackenzie Gross, Staff Reporter

On January 30th and the 31st, AP US History students made book covers for Gilded Age topics. Then, they went around the classroom and presented their project like a book talk or a “book party.” After 4-5 days of working on their projects, they brought them to class to present their new book to each other. Many students worked hard on their covers, and the teachers went all out by even providing snacks for the students as they did their presentations. The Gilded Age, which is the time period their projects were about, was the time in American history from the 1870s to 1900. Projects like this keep tougher classes like A.P. U.S History does projects like this one to learn history in creative ways. In American history, the Gilded Age was a time of corruption and monopolies, which influenced a lot of the laws we have in the U.S. today.