10 Things To Do On Leap Day


photo courtesy of Pexels

Maddie Werner, Reporter

Every four years there is a Leap year, meaning 2020 is going to be the most recent Leap year since 2016. Everyone knows that during a Leap year there is always an extra day in February, but why do we do this? 

The short answer is that most of the world uses the Gregorian Calendar, which on an ordinary year has 365 days. We need these Leap years in order to keep this modern-day calendar in alignment with Earth’s revolution around the sun.

So, if we didn’t add the extra day on February 29th every four years, we would end up losing almost six hours off of our calendar every year. 

To celebrate Leap day, here are ten things to do on this extra day:

  1. Absolutely nothing because it is just a regular day
  2. Play leapfrog
  3. Dig up your old LeapFrog Leappad and reminisce
  4. Celebrate your actual birthday for once
  5. Make a time capsule 
  6. Calculate your age in leap years 
  7. Throw a Leap day party because it’s not every year you get to celebrate this day
  8. Write a letter to yourself to open on the next Leap year
  9. Adopt a frog
  10.  Leap into March with a better mindset