Amazon Changes the Flow of Supplies


Maddie Werner, Reporter

Amazon has completely changed their flow of supplies being delivered due to the coronavirus. This has led to more employees to help speed up the process and has caused many international sellers to stop selling to Amazon.

Amazon is no longer accepting international products to their warehouses for at least three weeks. This is to keep the spread of the virus at bay, while also focusing on the most important supplies that are needed to be delivered to customers around the country. 

“We are temporarily prioritising household staples, medical supplies and other high-demand products,” according to an Amazon spokesperson. 

This is to focus on being able to restock and ship these essentials more efficiently, so customers won’t be waiting long. Amazon is also working to ensure prices aren’t raised on these basic needs items. 

Independent merchants have experienced great setbacks with closures of China factories after the virus took over. Now that China has been able to take hold of this issue, some factories have started to reopen. Some of these newly made products are being sent to the Amazon warehouses. However, Amazon won’t be accepting anymore products directly for the next three weeks.

These independent merchants can still sell their products, but cannot use the warehouses for the time being. These sellers will be notified when Amazon will allow products through the warehouses again.

This huge spike in delivery services has led to the hiring of at least 100,000 new employees in order to keep up with the demand of products being shipped all over the U.S.