“Die Hard” for the Holidays?


Kelly Baker, Staff Reporter

Along with holiday-themed movies comes the continuous debate over whether the film Die Hard should be considered a Christmas movie. Die Hard is a 1988 thriller film starring Bruce Willis who plays John McClane, a New York City police officer. In the movie John McClane is visiting his family for Christmas Eve, and while at a Christmas party with his wife’s company terrorists attack, and it becomes McClane’s responsibility to rescue everyone that attended the company party.

Clear Springs had posted a poll for the students to vote over whether they believe this movie can be categorized as a Christmas movie. Out of the 77 votes from the student body, 55% voted yes in favor of the movie. The majority of people believe Die Hard is a Christmas movie, but is it reasonable to say this film is one when the plot of the movie has nothing to do with the Holidays?

Die Hard takes place at Christmas time, but does that automatically make it a Christmas movie? Junior Jackson Elliot said, “If it has nothing to do with Christmas festivities, then it isn’t a Christmas movie.” True christmas movies typically revolve around the holiday in one way or another. For example, The Polar Express takes place during winter, but the plot is of children traveling to the north pole in order to meet Santa. 

Others think that a film taking place during the winter season or holidays immediately makes it a Christmas movie. Sophomore Cassidy Segelken said, “If it takes place around Christmas, then it is a Christmas movie”. The opinions vary, but most people do think Die Hard belongs in the Christmas movie category.