Disney/Pixar’s “Turning Red” is Turning Heads


Angelina Balusek, Staff Writer

Pixar’s new movie “Turning Red” is getting a lot of attention, and it isn’t all positive. 

Starring Rosalie Chiang as protagonist Mei Lee, Disney’s Turning Red tackles the difficulties that come with maturing and growing up during teen years. Mei discovers that her family has a strange gift of transforming into red pandas when upset. One day she turns into a massive red panda and must go through normal life before the ritual that will make her human again, all while trying to find a way to attend a concert with her best friends.

While the movie is rated PG, some parents have expressed their concerns with some of the movie’s content. 

“It feels like the film champions kids being rude to their parents and other authority figures,” reviewer Joseph A wrote. 

Yes, Mei does go against her mother and the rules in her family during the film, however so do tons of other Disney films. Lilo & Stitch, The Little Mermaid and Mulan are just some movies where the protagonist goes against their families. So why is Turning Red so “mature” compared to other Disney films? 

Turning Red addresses the theme of “being who you truly are is okay” more harshly than other Disney movies, so perhaps parents are uncomfortable with the truth. Turning Red is now available for streaming on Disney+.