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Marcus Bracken, Staff Writer

I am someone who does not completely understand spiritual crystals, but I am friends with a lot of people who use them. They are hard to ignore when these special crystals are around you 24/7. In this guide, I will be going over some of the most well-known crystals. After asking a close friend of mine, she started to talk about how she discovered the belief and how it has been posted so much that it is normal now. She then continued about how it has affected her life.

“Crystals give me a lot of other people hope, if not just something to put time and faith into. They bring good energy into the lives of those who use them.” 

Crystals for Love 

Rose Quartz: 

According to, Rose Quartz can be dated back to 7,000 B.C. It is a pale pink crystal that sends a vibration to attract joy, love, and emotional healing. According to Birch, “Rose quartz is believed by many to encourage love.” It is also shown that Rose Quartz can heal your relationship problems, promote mutual understanding, and create an attitude of kindness and compassion. 


In older days, it was believed that if you wore a Moonstone during a waning moon, you would be offered prophetic abilities. The stone can encourage your inner growth, soothes feelings of stress, promotes positive thinking, and supports success and good fortune. 


This brightly red stone is said to restore vitality and energy levels, promote sensuality, support intellectual pursuits, and bring the recognition of truth. Ruby’s physical healing abilities include strengthening the heart, muscles, and ventricles. 


Crystals for Wealth 

Tiger Eye:  

In the Article written by:, Tiger’s eye is a member of the Chalcedony mineral family. It is a silky luster and opaque transparency. It comes in shades of reddish brown and iron stripes. The healing properties it has helps balance the endocrine system in the body and is good for seasonal affective disorder. The emotional healing vibrations it sends builds confidence and self-worth, as well as clears negative energy. 


Citrine is a stone that is said to bring joy and enthusiasm to every part of your life. The goldish yellow stone with white accents, releases negative emotions like fear and doubt, encourages optimism, warmth, motivation, and clarity, enhances mindfulness qualities, encourages creativity, and supports concentration.  


The Sapphire is known for its wisdom and royalty. The spiritual healing it possesses attracts prosperity, happiness, peace, opens the mind to beauty and intuition, helps for clear seeing, and promotes a positive mood. In ancient times, the Persians believed that earth sat on top of a giant Sapphire. According to the book, The Magic of Crystals and Gems, it became an eye cure for millennia. 


Crystals for Health 


This smooth red rock is said to be the supreme nurturer. It is supposed to empower the spirit, support you through stress by enabling you to show up mentally, protect you from and absorb negative energy, and promote quick thinking and confidence. Throughout the bible, it describes Jasper as a protective stone in the breastplate of Aaron. Ancients even used jasper to cure snakebites, ward off evil spirits, and some people believed that it could control weather by bringing rain. 


In the book, “The Magic of Crystals & Gems,” it states, “If a man wears Amethyst, the stone will draw a good woman to him.” It is a purple stone that is protective and said to help remove negative thoughts, summon spiritual wisdom, promotes willpower and healthy choices, and improves sleep and dreams. In the article, on, it states all the physical healing it can do for you: enhancing the immune system, regulates hormones, reduces headaches, etc.  


In the book, “The Magic of Crystals & Gems” The Bloodstone also known as, ‘martyrs stone’ was used a lot for sculptured bas-reliefs depicting the martyred saints and Christ’s crucifixion. This stone is often used to increase courage, motivation, and creative energy. Also, Bloodstone is said to help with blood circulation and blood-related issues.  


With this info, I have not scratched the surface of this spiritual belief. There is still a lot more to know about this phenomenon. There are way more crystals and gems that give off specific energies and chakras, accessories, rituals. You can find out how to adapt this lifestyle to your everyday life.