Green Means Go


Marcus Bracken, Staff Writer

Eating healthier has become easier in League City after the grand opening of “Salad And Go” on League City Parkway, in Kroger’s parking lot. The drive-thru restaurant has begun serving its green meals.  

The official opening day for this new location was Sunday, April 16th. The hours throughout the week are 6am-9pm on the weekdays and 7am-9pm on the weekends. Not only do they sell salads all throughout the day, but wraps are also available for purchase and breakfasts burritos are available from 6am-10:30am. When ordering food, guests have the option to either go through the typical drive-thru or order online to pick up that meal from the store, or use the walk-up window to order. Each salad has a price of $6.95 (including tax) and $1.49 for every drink. 

This drive-in business trains its workers how to safely handle and construct its products to create a perfect meal for its guests. They advise salad builders to follow a specific pattern, so each meal made looks well put together and accurate. 

A popular meal that is ordered typically is the roasted autumn salad and a frozen strawberry lemonade. The total price at the window would be $8.56, which is a great value for an average high schooler.